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Grow Together

Set the framework for sustainable growth as well as strengthening our competitive

business initiatives through our partner network and worker training program.

LS Automotive Technologies company-Network-competitive business

Establish a network

  • Annual General Assembly

    • Evaluate and award the previous year’s company of the year for excellent results
    • Share previous year’s results and operation strategy
  • Collective Networking Group

    • Increase partnership and share quality results
    • Learn international technology and benchmark examples from abroad
    • Participate in Motor Shows and visit top companies for field research
  • Workshops and conferences

    • Hold quarterly meetings between partners and affiliates
    • Workshop focused on improving the bottom line

Training Programs

  • Education

    • Execute external education programs through domestic education and external affiliations based on LS Automotive Technologies categories
  • Special Field Requirement Per Industries

    • Assembling, SMT: Collective Partnership Team
    • Emission, Postprocess, Press: Component Quality Improvement Team
    • Quality, System: Partnership Evaluation Team
  • Round-table Conferences, Workshops

    • Improve the quality, develop new automobiles
    • Come up with management ideas for partners, improve the bottom line
    • Ethical Business management