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Ethics Hotline Reporting

Ethics Hotline Reporting

Corruption and bribery can be a hindrance to strong company growth as it inhibits corporate transparency, efficiency and sets apart the labor union cohesion. Therefore it is important to prevent the root cause of corruption and scandal before it happens. We must also construct an internal compliance system to continuously monitor and reform unfair or corrupt practices happening internally. We aim to become a global company who can encourage healthy and ethical corporate growth while receiving trust and love by our customers.

Examples of reports

  • Negotiation disadvantage from transactions with our company
  • Product complaints or product improvement proposals
  • Misuse of power, bribes for loans and other actions that may destroy a transparent and healthy corporate culture
  • Other actions that may violate the code of ethics
  • Proposal for improvement on unacceptable business practices
  • Praising the members of staff
  • deas or suggestions for ethical business management

Process of reporting

Process of reporting Process of reporting Process of reporting

Form of filing a report

  • Mail
    Internal control & Consulting Team 31, Sandan-ro, Danwon-gu, Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea(8-27, Wonsi-dong)
  • Telephone
  • Online