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Ethics Hotline Reporting

Reporter Protection

Ethics Hotline Reporting

Ethics Hotline Reporting by LS Automotive Technologies strives for 100% privacy so the people who have filed a report will not be put into jeopardizing positions. As a result, Ethics Hotline Reporting can only be accessed by the employees working in the ethics management desk and the content that is received through this channel cannot be available to third party members. This is to ensure that individuals filing a report of complaint or issue can do so with peace of mind.

  • Privacy Control

    We do not expose the reporter’s complaint or reporter’s status without his/her permission.

  • Status Guarantee

    We offer total protection to unsolicited discrimination or disadvantage that may arise from filing a report of corruption, bribe or unethical business conduct.

  • Responsibility Exoneration

    In the case that the person who filed a report is found to be involved in the incident of bribe, corruption or unethical business conduct, he/she who filed the report may be exonerated from taking the disciplinary measure.

Protection Policy for Individuals
  • Identification of the individual who filed the report
  • The material evidence provided or submitted by the individual filing the report
  • Evidences that may point to the individual who filed the report
  • Disciplinary measures after the report results
  • Filing the report system will be conducted in absolute secrecy and there will be no unfair actions taken to individuals who filed a report
  • Even if it involves a case of bribe or corruption that may be self-reporting, we will go through a clean and fair evaluation process in handling the affair.
  • All content of the reported file will be handled with confidentiality and secrecy.
  • Protection will be granted only in the case of filer’s submission of self identification and material evidence.