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HR System

HR Training

LS Automotive Technologies operates various training programs to grow all executives and staff with purpose and vision.

Improve the Personal and Organizational Capabilities Improve the Personal and Organizational Capabilities Improve the Personal and Organizational Capabilities
  • Training of New Employees Driving Force of the Future Growth
  • Leadership Global Training for Global Leader oriented
  • Customized Training Syste based on Personal Capability
  • Intensive and Medium & Long term Training for Key HR

HR Training Program

Value Training
  • Employee Program
  • LS group Philosophy Program
  • Clean Management Program
Key HR Training
  • MBA (1 year)
  • T-MBA (1 year)
  • Improvement of Leadership Competency
  • Domestic and Overseas Advanced Management Program
Class-based Training
Solution Leader Program
  • Assistant/Manager/Senior Manager/General Manager
Senior Program
  • Assistant/Manager/Senior Manager/General Manager/Executive
New Employee Training
  • New Employee Training
  • Experienced Employee Training
  • Mentoring
  • CEO meeting
Global Training
Overseas Employee Training
  • China/India/Mexico, etc.
Intensive Language Course
  • 6-week/4-week/2-week Intensive Course
Presentation in English
Negotiation in English
Job Competency Training
LS Group Training Institute
  • Sales/Purchase/R&D/Production
  • Finance/Accounting/Personnel
  • Planning/Solution

e-Learning System(Job/Language)
  • Out-company special training center
  • Korea Productivity Center, etc.
  • National Instruments, etc.

Promotion System

LS Automotive Technologies consists of a five-step position system for the best performance.

Assessment / Reward

The fair and objective assessment system is adopted to improve working motivation of executives and staff and to provide rewards and trainings.

  • Goal Arrange the performance and
    capability at the beginning of the year
  • Practice Implement the goals and
    check them in the middle
  • Assessment Assess the progress of
    the goals and feedback it
  • RewardArrange incentives, adjustment of
    an annual salary, and promotion