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Management Philosophy

A company that deeply and respectfully considers people, nature, provides more value, safety and convenience to mankind.
This is the vision of LS Automotive Technologies. We exist to represent the universal value of safety in consideration of our customers and their surrounding environment and embody sustainable growth to build a trustworthy company.

LS Automotive Technologies begins a new and bold leap forward as a global automobile parts supplier. Based on its creative talents and advanced technology, we are planning on establishing ourselves as a comprehensive automobile parts company that provides a wide range of products and an integrated solution to our customers. We will continue to offer next generation products with applied eco-friendly technology and transform ourselves into a global leading brand that pioneers the automobile parts industry.


People :Our Customers, Nature:Environmental Friendly, Convenience :Sustainability, Safety :Collective Value
Thinking human being and nature, we bring safety, convenience and values beyond.


LS Automotive Technologies's new vision is 'New Leap 22, VISION 222'. Our vision signifies a goal that accomplishes orders that amount to 2.2 Billion dollars and EBITDA 200 million dollars by 2022.

새로운도약 22 VISION 222 Challenge collaboration Creative Clean management
NEW LEAP 22 VISION 222 Challenge collaboration Creative Clean management

Core Value(4C)

Challenge,.Collaboration, Creative, Clean management Challenge,.Collaboration, Creative, Clean management Challenge,.Collaboration, Creative, Clean management
Challenge:Practice continuous improvement with passion and a proactive attitude. Strive to exceed the limits without fearing failure.
Collaboration:Build trust based on respect Share information and cooperate for mutual success..
Creative:Continuous learning to be the best Suggest new ideas voluntarily and make improvements in work..
Clean management:Stick to the fundamental principles. Pursue fair competition with honor as a global citizen.


함께하여 더 큰 가치를! LSpartnership Intergrity(Greater Value Together!, Global Perspective, Respect/Care/Trust)
LS Partnership is the management philosophy of LS.

LS is a reliable and trustworthy partner. LS people are people who can produce greater results when working together.

LSpartnership means that LS people, who have integrity and a sense of ownership, 
produce excellent results based on mutual respect, mutual consideration and mutual trust, and cooperate with each other for shared growth. 

LSpartnership pursues true and practical partnership.  All employees of LS will create greater values for future generations together with its global partners by practicing LSpartnership.