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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Article 1 General provisions
1. LS Automotive Technologies Co., Ltd. (here in after referred to as “LS Automotive Technologies”) regards the personal information of a user as very important data, and complies with regulations of personal information protection under PERSONAL INFORMATION PROTECTION ACT, ACT ON PROMOTION OF INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATIONS NETWORK UTILIZATION AND INFORMATION PROTECTION, ETC. and “Personal Information Protection Policy” enacted by Ministry of Security and Public Administration.

2. LS Automotive Technologies let you know what to do for personal information protection as well as where and how to use the personal information a user provided by privacy policy.

3. LS Automotive Technologies posts its privacy policy on the main page of LS Automotive Technologies website ( (here in after referred to as ‘website’) and its recruitment section (here in after referred to as ‘recruitment’) for the convenience of customers.
Article 2 Purpose on the collection of personal information
LS Automotive Technologies isn’t used all data a user provided out of the following purposes, and will ask a user the prior consent if the purpose used is changed.

1. Website (Inquiry, Ethics Hotline Reporting)
Delivery of notice, Receiving and replying of customer’s complaints and improvements, counselling, and reporting of ethical management

2. Recruitment
Recruitment notice, making and revising of application, checking of its pass or failure status, efficient communication with an applicant, HR pool, checking of a certificate or license
Article 3 Required items of personal information and its collecting method
LS Automotive Technologies collects personal information within minimum scope for providing services as follows.

1. Required items of Personal Information
1) Website (Inquiry, Ethics Hotline Reporting)
  • Required: topic, name, email, contact, product, title, text
  • Optional: company, department, job, additional file
  • Automatic: access log, cookie, etc.
2) Recruitment
  • Required: field, name, photo, telephone, mobile phone, e-mail, date of birth, address, family relationship
  • Optional: education, certificate of language proficiency, license, career, military service, qualified patriots and veterans and its number, disability, and others data made by an applicant
  • Automatic: access log, cookie, etc.

2. Collection method
1) Website: Inquiry and Ethics Hotline Reporting
2. Recruitment: making an application if its recruitment.
Article 4 Retention and use periods of personal information
1. This company processes and retains the personal information of customers as follows.
1) Personal information inevitably collected and used to comply with special regulations or obligations of Acts: until the period designated by related acts is ended
2) Personal information inevitably collected and used to conclude a contract and to execute it: until the collecting and using goal is achieved
3) Personal information collected and used by an individual consent: until the consent period is ended.

2. The company retains the personal information for the required case, then immediately discards it after one (1) year. However, the company can retain the information if any customer is pre-agreed or the related regulation is designated.
Article 5 Issues on outsourcing to process the personal information collected
1. LS Automotive Technologies outsources to process the personal information for efficient works and better service as follows.
1) General
Outsourcee Details
LS Global Electronic data processing and its maintenance (outsourced Electronic data processing by HQ, etc.)
LG CNS Electronic data processing and its maintenance (outsourced Electronic data processing by Bupyeong center)

2) The others
Trustees Consignment contents
ORP Institute Personal information of applicants for Personality Inventory test
Saramin Name, Birth day, Sex, Handicapped/Veteran affairs, Scholarship, Career, Certificates etc
Multicampus Applying for refund course from Department of Labor and for ID.
ServeOne Personal Information related to Delivery
Pariscroissant For sending mobile gift certificates
Wide-Mobile For sending reservation and payment information
LS Global For operating mobile groupware and updating data
LS Future Entrusting outside education courses
YBM For carrying out inside TOEIC test
Official approval corps. For approving the minutes of board of directors, the general meeting of stockholders
Printing company For producing business cards
Shin-han Bank etc. Payment of the wage

2. LS Automotive Technologies
Makes a contract for responsibilities including its processing prohibition out of the outsourcing goal, technical and managerial protections, re-outsourcing restriction, management and monitoring for a outsourcee, compliance with the regulations related to personal information protection, confidentiality for personal information, compensation, etc. under PERSONAL INFORMATION PROTECTION ACT if outsourcing is contracted.

3. LS Automotive Technologies will disclose it through this privacy policy if any outsourcee or its detail is changed.
Article 6 Rights and obligations of a user or legal representative and exercise thereof
1. A user can ask LS Automotive Technologies for opening, revising, and deleting personal information, suspending its data processing, and withdrawing its consent anytime.
2. The exercise of a right (the above No. 1) can be available by written consent, email, FAX, etc., at that time, and LS Automotive Technologies immediately process its request based on the identification process.
3. The exercise of a right (the above No. 1) can be available by an agent of a legal representative or delegatee. However, the power of attorney is required by Form No. 11 of Enforcement Rule of PERSONAL INFORMATION PROTECTION ACT.
4. If a user asks to revise the error of personal information, LS Automotive Technologies doesn’t use or provide the personal information until the revision is completed.
5. A user has to prevent any accident based on the correct and last personal information. If any accident is occurred by incorrect personal information, it is responsible for the user. If a user inputs false information like other people’s information, he or she can lose the membership or cannot be limited to use services.
6. A user has the right to be protected his or her personal information and doesn’t have any obligation not to violate other people’s information. Please damage the personal information of other people including postings as well as no leaking of your personal information. If not and you use the personal information of other people and input false information, you cannot use services and can lose the qualification of application, finally, can be punished by the relative regulations.
7. LS Automotive Technologies cannot collect personal information in principle if any user’s age is under full 14 years old. However, if LS Automotive Technologies collect person information under full 14 years old because of any cause, LS Automotive Technologies receives the consent from a legal representative in advance and discards the information without delay after completing the usage of the information. In addition, LS Automotive Technologies has to completely manage the personal information.
Article 7 Issues on installation, operation, and rejection of a program to automatically collect personal information
LS Automotive Technologies can operate ‘Cookie’ and others which store and find the information of a user. Cookie is stored to the hard disk of a user’s computer as a very small text file which a server used to operate a website sends to a user’s browser. LS Automotive Technologies can use cookies as follows.

1. LS Automotive Technologies provides target marketing and customized service that analyzes the frequency of access or the time of visiting from a user as well as cookies and others, finds the taste and interest of a user and trace the user, surveys the participation in various events and find the number of its visiting.

2. Rejection for cookies
1) A user has the right to set a cookie. Therefore a user selects the option of web browser, and can permit all cookies or set the confirmation whenever any cookie is stored, or can reject all cookies.
2) However, if any user reject to set a cookie, the part of services may not be provided. .
3) The option of a cookie can be set as follows (for Internet Explorer).
① Select [Internet Option] in a [Tool] menu.
② [Click a [personal information] tab.
③ Set [the processing level of personal information]
Article 8 Discarding procedures and methods of personal information
1. LS Automotive Technologies immediately discards after passing the retention period of personal information or achieving the processing goal of personal information except the case required to retain personal information under the relative regulations.

2. The discarding procedures and methods of personal information are as follows.
1) Discarding procedures
– The personal information provided by a user is moved to separate DB (a separate box if it is paper) after achieving the processing goal, then is discarded after being retaining by the information protection rules (refer to retention and use period) under in-company policy or other regulations. The personal information moved to separate DB isn’t used as other purpose out of the retaining goal unless the personal information act is designated. 2) Discarding methods
- The personal information stored by Electric files is deleted by a reproducible technical methods.
- The personal information printed out on paper is shredded by a device or is incinerated.
Article 9 Responsible staff and staff of personal information protection
LS Automotive Technologies designates the responsible staff of personal information to process complaints of users related to personal information as well as his or her personal information protection. Please contact the staff or department of personal information protection if a user has any question on all of personal information protection, complaints, compensation, etc.

Responsible team of Personal Information Protection
  • HR Team
  • Phone: +82-31-430-9144
  • E-mail:
Staff of Personal Information Protection
  • HR Team
  • Phone: +82-31-430-9141
  • E-mail:

※ If you have any question for personal information protection or want to report any violation, please contact agencies as follows.
  • KISA’s Protection of the Citizens’ Personal Information ( / 118 without area code)
  • Information Protection Mark Certification Committee ( / +82-580-0533~4)
  • High tech crime investigation unit of Supreme Prosecutors’ office ( / +82-2-3480-2000)
  • Cyber Bureau of National Police Agency ( / +82-1566-0112)
  • Korea National Police Agency ( / +82-1566-0112)
  • Personal Information Protection Commission ( / +82-2-2180-3000)
Article 10 Stable measures for personal information protection
LS Automotive Technologies acts technical, managerial, and physical measures to keep a stable status under Article 24-2 and 29 of Personal Information Protection Act and Article 30 of Enforcement degree thereof not to lose, steal, leak, falsify, and damage personal information if the personal information of a user is processed.

1. Managerial measures
1) LS Automotive Technologies notifies privacy policy to employees and asks them to comply with the policy.
2) LS Automotive Technologies restricts the responsible staff to process personal information and regularly and frequently trains them to keep the confidentiality of personal information.
3) LS Automotive Technologies arranges the audit system for the responsible staff and staff of personal information and continuously monitors them. In addition, if any problem is found, the in-company personal information protection department immediately directs to correct it.
4) LS Automotive Technologies designates the responsible staff with an access right and gives him or her ID and password renewing regularly if the personal information is processed by a computer.
5) LS Automotive Technologies asks new employees to sign on the pledge of personal information protection and pre-prevents to leak, damage, and violate personal information by the in-company staff as well as the staff retired who processed the information.
6) If any staff of personal information is changed his or her job and his or her responsible job is trained to the later staff, the training is performed in security. As a result, if personal information is violated after he or she entered into or retired from this company, its responsibility is clarified.

2. Technical measure
1) LS Automotive Technologies takes actions to prevent the violation of personal information by hacking or virus, etc. with the latest vaccine program.
2) LS Automotive Technologies controls the unauthorized access from outside and protects in-company network with a firewall system, and tries to set all technical devices for systemic security.
3) LS Automotive Technologies encrypts key personal information of ID and other and stores and controls them.

3. Physical measure
1) LS Automotive Technologies designates a computing room and data room, etc. as a special protection zone, and completely control the access of others.
Article 11 Notice on the change of privacy policy
1. This privacy policy is effective on 01 Jan. 2016.

2. The privacy policy of LS Automotive Technologies can be amended by re-amending the relative regulations, changing the policy of government, changing of in-company regulations, and changing of security technology, and notifies the reasons and details changed to users on a website ( and recruitment page before seven (7) days from its amendment if it is amended.